Scythara - Plumdown headpieces

an add-on for Scythara - Plumdown character and dress
by Arki and Tigee

... and I saw feathers the colour of dark and rich purple, the colour of ripe plums.
I saw adornments of dark gold and black pearl, lapis and dark lace - fitting those feathers was her bird shape, with dark feathers on her face and body, dark brown eyes which are almost black.

Like those of the cockatiels in their homeland. Almost black, when they watch you. And so was her her own gaze. Deep, questioning, if I were ready to hear her tale of times long gone
or simply not come yet...

Artwork featuring Scythara - Plumdown headpieces

Too Magical
Sowelu Birds 3

rendered by Too


rendered by Sowelu

Enjoy the bird tale with Scythara and her nightly headpieces made of plum feathers and downs. Does nature know such a colour for cockatiels?

Have a guess :-)

With this package you get:
  • 1 texture set for all the headpieces complete with textures, transmaps and bumpmaps, of The Dress (DAZ3D)
  •  adapted MAT Poses for P4, PP and P5 to easily apply all the textures, morphs and options

    Required Products:
  • Headpieces for The Dress (DAZ3D)

  • Attention Poser 4 Users !
    Please convert all files with bum in their name first into bum files before using this product. Sorry, but they are too big to be included in this package...

    Happy rendering !

    Arki and Tigee