Scythara - Pearlfeather headpieces

an add-on for Scythara - Pearlfeather character and dress
by Arki and Tigee

... the dress had the colour of white, blueish and yellowish feathers. The one that reminds me of cockatoos and their tiny kin, the cockatiels. The lutinos, you see? They are white and yellow, with eyes of a dark blue or violet.

And so where her own. Black to the first impression, but when you looked very, very close, you saw they were the darkest blue you can imagine without being black. Or even violet, subject to the changing light.

Not, that you would ever get so close to her, for she takes flight easily, as do all those with a crest I am talking about...

Artwork featuring Scythara - Pearlfeather headpieces

Too Hat Valea daughter Sowelu white
You can keep
your Hat on
rendered by Too
The Daughter of
the Wind

rendered by Valea

rendered by Sowelu

Enjoy the bird tale with Scythara and her nightly headpieces made of plum feathers and downs. Does nature know such a colour for cockatiels?

Have a guess :-)

With this package you get:
  • 1 texture set for all the headpieces complete with textures, transmaps and bumpmaps, of The Dress (DAZ3D)
  •  adapted MAT Poses for P4, PP and P5 to easily apply all the textures, morphs and options

    Required Products:
  • Headpieces for The Dress (DAZ3D)

  • Attention Poser 4 Users !
    Please convert all files with bum in their name first into bum files before using this product. Sorry, but they are too big to be included in this package...

    Happy rendering !

    Arki and Tigee