Scythara -Expansion

The tale goes on...

Aging does not take the toll of the Bird people it takes on humans. For centuries they won't change their looks. The only thing that does change is the growth within their abilities. And, most perceivable amongst them, the ability to disguise themselves as humans.

Amongst this, some of them develop some refined tastes concerning their exterior. Jewelry, clothing, makeup. Simple things that attract their attention in ways humans may never understand. Maybe it is the power of colour and shape that fascinates them. Who knows what Bird people are thinking but one of them?

Artwork featuring Scythara - Expansion

This pack utilizes the use of P5 shader nodes as anisotropic highlights for the eyes and translucent skin and vein structures for body and head maps.

Take Scythara into a set of completely new looks! She returns with a greater understanding of colour and shape of the human world, bringing these special features with her:

With this package you get
  • 5 new makeup textures
  • 5 new eye colours
  • 5 eye reflection maps
  • 1 new transmap for lashes, brows, pubic hair
  • 4 new textures for lashes, brows, pubic hair
  • 5 textures for different nail colours matching the makeup options
  • 2 new body textures with two different cockatiel tattoos
  • adapted MAT poses for P4, PP and P5 to easily apply all the new textures and options

    Required Products
  • Victoria 3 (DAZ3D)
  • Victoria 3 Head and Body Morph Paks

    This Expansion can be used as a stand alone all by itself or as an add-on for the existing Scythara-packages.

  • Attention Poser 4 Users !
    Please convert all files with bum in their name first into bum files before using this product. Sorry, but they are too big to be included in this package...

    Happy rendering !

    Arki and Tigee