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Kintharic legends tell us about a time when there was no thing, no world and no shape - until the first two beings willed themselves into existence.
Those were a carnesic-dragon and a Vi-En'Dhakar of the elven blood.
Being called the Two Firstborn, they sired the first two races of Kinthara: the proud carnesic and their soulbound mates, the Vi-En'dhakar, shortly called the Vedhakan.
Related closely to the Second Born, the 'lesser' Dhakan and their offspring, the humans, the Vedhakan are said to have draconic blood which makes them predestined to understand and telepathically 'hear' almost every other  dragon species on their world.
Meet one of this race, Weilew.
She comes to you with a human disguise shape, three possible skin patterns, called the 'Feath'ne' of her race in three distinct shades and two special fantasy-MATs representing her magical affinity to wind and fire.

The body paintings
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Apart from the distinctive pigmentation of their bodies which are as individual as fingerprint marks, Weilew also  brings with her the typical three-parted eyecolours of the vedhakan: the inner star, called 'afiura', set apart from the base iris ('afiri') and the outer iris ring know as 'afenath'.
So, chose which shape Weilew will take. Human or Vedhakan or even the magical two-fold of wind or fire?
Create your own stories with a taste of this world of dragons and countless magical races...

Artwork featuring Weilew
linwhite Starry Night
Arki Feath'ne

Starry Night
rendered by linwhite

rendered by Arki

This pack utilizes the use of P5 shader nodes as anisotropic highlights for the eyes and lips. 
'The Tale of the Firstborn: Weilew' is a companion product to 'The Orchid Dress' by Arki.

  • 6 Makeup-options with matching nailcolours
  • 2 fantasy-bodypaintings for body and head complete plus matching eye textures
  • 3 vedhakan MATs in three distinctive colour schemes for body and head - the body textures can be used together with the makeup maps for the head
  • four eyecolours each for human and vedhakan form
  • seperate bumpmaps for body, head and one each for human and vedhakan eyes
  • seperate poses to morph the iris into vedhakan shape with a catlike oval pupil - and to change it back to human default
  • INJ and REM seperately for body and head to change Weilew into human or vedhakan form
  • 4 transtextures for lashes, brows and pubic hair
  • 1 transmap for lashes, brwos and pubic hair
  • 4 different textures and transmaps for cornea reflections
  • seperate MATs for P4, PP and P5
  • body textures are 3000 x 4000 pixels each, headtextures are 3000 x 2038 pixels each
  • eye textures are 1200 x 1200 pixels each
Required Products:
  • Victoria 3 (DAZ3D)
  • Victoria 3 Head and Body Morph Paks
Attention Poser 4 Users !
Please convert all files with bum in their name first into bum files before using this product. 

Happy rendering !

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