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In kintharic mythology the famous Blood Orchid has a very special meaning.
This rare flower reaches almost a grown man's height and weighs up to a ton.It is only found in the southern djungles of Kinthara, especially around one dragon hold called Amaryllis.
Its fermented juices have intoxicating effects and are used in rituals of clairvoyance or as a potion to strengthen body and mind before battle.
The plant was used as an example for extravagant architecture, art and even... fashion.
Representing the two most popular variants of the Blood Orchids, this special outfit comes in the colour variations black and red.
Inspired by the delicate petals of the adult blossom skirt and bodice resemble the leathery surface of the plant itself, being delicate in shape and markings at the same time.
The symbolic colour dark red and black represent both the colour of the actual plant as well as the major principles of its symbolism: death with its darkness and live with its associated element blood.
Perfectly matched for nobility and even royalty, this special outfit fits Weilew, the Vi'En-Dhakar of the Old Blood.

Artwork featuring the Orchid Dress
Arki Mansion
Arki Moonstruck


rendered by Arki

rendered by Arki

'The Orchid Dress' is a companion product to 'The Tale of the Firstborn: Weilew' by Arki and Valea.

  • 1 INJ and REM Pose to shape Weilew's body for the corset of the dress
  • 2 different colour options (black and blood red) for the MFD with fitting transmaps:
    • 1 motiv in black leather, black lace and dark red fringe for the corset      
    • 1 motiv in blood red leather, dark red lace and dark red fringe for the corset
  • matching textures for the Expansion of the MFD with transmaps included
  • 5 different transmap options for the MFD to change the looks of the top section
  • 2 different looks for the sleeves in leather or lace
  • 2 different transparency options for the MFD, matching the three collar types of the Expansion
  • add on textures for the Fantasy Collar Set:
    • 2 options for necklaces for each the red and the black dress
    • wristbands für the black and the red dress, matching the necklaces
  • MATs work in P4, PP and P5
  • all textures are 3500 x 3500 pixels resp. 3500 x 2625 pixels
Required Products:
  • Morphing Fantasy Dress from DAZ3D
  • Expansion to the Morphing Fantasy Dress from DAZ3D
  • Fantasy Collar Set from DAZ3D
Attention Poser 4 Users !
Please convert all files with bum in their name first into bum files before using this product. 

Happy rendering !

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